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Veronica Sneed (Encarnacion)
housewife Married 3
Wow!  Being able to see the family tree is amazing!  It was so cool to see the pictures of different family members.  I can definately see a family resemblance.  My son favors one  of the members.  Thank you so much for creating this site!   Veronica

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Nathan Moore
September 25, 1941 Retired Married 5
Eliza Sneed
My great, great grandmother, Eliza Sneed, was born in Iredell County NC around 1815.  She married Richard Lawson Moore from Burke County NC in 1836 or 1837.  The section of Burke County that they lived later became Caldwell County.   Her first three daughters were born in Burke (Caldwell) County, but before her oldest son, Andrew was born in 1843 they moved to Cherokee County NC.  She lived the rest of her life in Cherokee County in the Peachtree community near Murphy.  The Cherokee County census shows her father was born in Virginia.  The 1820 census of Iredell County NC shows only one Sneed family lived in the County at that time, Robert S. Sneede.   He is shown with a wife, 1 son and 4 daughters, less than 10 years of age.   Later census reports (1860) for Cherokee County NC show that at least one of Robert’s children was born in Iredell County.  Misspelling is common in the early census reports and I believe this is the Robert Sharp Sneed born 1790 in VA, but have no actual proof.  Robert Sharp Sneed is not listed in the 1830 or 40 census for Wake, Iredell, Burke, or Cherokee County of NC as head-of-household.  Interestingly the 1830 census of Wake County NC show 3 teenage girls living with his 70 year old father.
Morgan Sneed, oldest son of Robert Sharp Sneed, and Richard Moore, my great, great grandfather, were listed as members of Company D of the North Carolina Regiment from Burke County that participated in the 1838 Indian removal from NC.  After 1840 Richard Moore, Morgan Sneed and Robert Sharp Sneed moved from Burke County to Cherokee County North Carolina.  It is not known if they moved together or even at the same time.   Robert Sharp Sneed also moved to the Peachtree community of Cherokee County.  The 1860 census of Cherokee County NC shows Robert Sharp Sneed age 70, born in VA.; with wife Lucey B age 60, born in Wake County NC.  Lucey would have been born around 1800 and would not have been the 26 to 45 year old female listed on the 1820 Iredell County Census with Robert S Sneede.  There are internet records that show Robert and Lucey were married in 1821, but I have no documentation to prove that.   No children are listed anywhere for the Sneed’s between 1812 when Morgan was born and 1826 when Lucinda was born with the possible exception of the 4 females listed on the 1820 Iredell County NC census.  The 1810 and 1820 census records for Wake County have been lost making it hard to verify that Robert Sharp Sneed was not still living in Wake County and not the Robert S. Sneede shown in Iredell County.
Two possible cousins listed for me in the Family Finder DNA website list Zachariah Sneed in their family tree.  One is Robert Sharp Sneed’s grandfather and the other is his brother.
There seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence that Robert Sharp Sneed is my great, great, great grandfather but I have no documented evidence to prove that.  Any information will be helpful.
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Angela Calloway (Myers)
Accounting Clerk Married 3
Was overwhelmed when I found this site.  didn't know how extensive my family was.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Hope to one day get to a family reunion with my family.
God's blessings to you all.
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denesha mimi sneed
nursing Committed Relationship 3
this wonderful  didnt know nothing about web/sneed,snead looking at the history of the sneed hope to learn more meet  the sneed family  i dont know there alot of us  on earth and dont know family tree who gave us the last sneed thank you ,god bless keep in touch. Send denesha mimi a MessageSend denesha mimi a Message