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 Sneed/Snead Family 

 A Family of Many Branches 

Ethran (Ephraim) Sneed  & Yancey
Odis, *Joe (Joseph), Mike

*Joe (Joseph) Sneed

*Jordan Sneed abt 1820, Richard Sneed abt 1826

* Jordan Sneed-DOB-1820 and 1st Matilda or
Tilda Battle/Sneed-DOB-1821/
2nd wife Mandy Johnson

abt-1842 Rachel Sneed--m Henry Pettiford
Cary Pettiford
Jane Pettiford
Seledon Pettiford
Walter Pettiford
Matilda Pettiford
Ida Pettiford
Ernest Pettiford
Henrietta Pettiford
Narcissa Pettiford

abt-1848- Addison Lewis  Sneed –m 1st Jane Kearney
2nd m- Sallie Dent 
 Plummer  Sneed-m Martha Fort
 Phena Sneed-abt.1852-m Bettie unk.
Fred (Sneed-abt.-Frederick) 1853
abt-1841- Juliet Sneed m-Nathan Mangum
Henry Mangum
John Mangum
Willie Mangum
Ola Mangum
Robert Mangum
Len-wood Mangum--g-son
Milton Mangum --g-son
Gil Sneed Nephew 
Leah Sneed m- Christopher Brooks
Thomas Brooks- 1860
Missie Brooks -1864
Henry Brooks 1869
Annie brooks- 1870
Georgiana Brooks- 1875
Ida Sneed –m Ranson Hicks
Minnie Hicks
James Hicks
William Hicks
Roy Hicks
Clearence Hicks
Oscar Hicks
Allice Sneed m- a Richard Dick Guess
Carelyn (Caroline Guess) 1869
William Guess -1870
Mark Guess 1872
Martha Guess 1872
Frank Louis Guess 1874
Susan Guess 1875
Daisy (Sadie) Guess 1877
Rosa Guess 1881
James Guess 1883
Minnie Guess 1885
Fenner / Fillner Guess 1886
Alex Sneed-abt-1858-
Della Sneed-abt-1861- m Lee Sanders
Annie Sneed-abt-1842-m -Reuben Dent-1927
David Dent- 1865
Sallie Dent-1867
James Dent-1973
Rosa Dent-1874
Victoria Dent-1875
John Sneed-abt-1873-grand son
Jake (Jacob) Sneed-m Sallie Clark Plummer

1st *Addison Sneed
 Jane Kearney 

Prosper Sneed –m Lina Upchurch
*Henry Sneed –m Florence Fort

2nd Addison Sneed & Sallie Dent
Callie or California Sneed –m James Eward Grissom
James Earlie Sneed-1912-1982
Inez Sneed-1917-1995
Rosa Grissom 1920-1994
Louie Grissom 1920-
Victoria Grissom-1930-1994
Easter Grissom-1932-1947
McCanner Grissom-1927
Pearlie Sneed –m David Hester...

Plummer or Plunner Sneed/Snead / Martha Fort 1st /
Bettie 2nd wife
Mathew Sneed
Nathiel Sneed
Ernest Sneed-m Araneda
Odis Sneed
Mauland (Marland) Sneed
Neva Sneed
Kingey Sneed
Eula Sneed
Mattie Sneed-1906-1970 -m-James Bishop
James Bishop Jr. -1928
Dandis Bishop- 1929
Davis Bishop -1935
Araneda Bishop- 1933

Edgar Sneed 1873 –m Malinda
Isham Sneed
Luther Sneed
Edgar Sneed Jr
Howard Sneed
Bahy Sneed
Martha Sneed
Albert Sneed
Dexie Sneed
Mary Sneed
Anna Sneed

Prosper Sneed./Snead 1874
*Henry Lee Sneed Sr.  abt.1875
Lina Upchurch--1876
Florence Fort-1876
Carrol Sneed-1897
* Henry (Buster) Sneed Jr.-1899
Otha Sneed-1899-m1 st wife Elizabeth Anna Juliet Mangum (mangrum)
                     2nd wife Nouvella ?????
Montina Sneed-1901-m- 
Nathaniel Brooks
Olice Goodsy Sneed-1914-m-
Ermma Parish
Iley Jasper Sneed-1903-or 1905 -m-
Myrtle Harris
Grand-son Elmer Sneed-1917
Charlie Battle Sneed-1906 -m-
Mary Frances Brooks
Jessie Sneed-1918
-m- ___________Williams
Anderson Foley Sneed-1906 -
m- 1st Melvine Harris

m- 2nd Elizabeth Perry
Otis/odis Sneed-1920-m
Essie Evoria Dickens
Wallie Sneed-1908 or 1909
Nettie Sneed granddaughter-1925--& Pender
Alphonzo(Fonso) Sneed-1910 or 1912
Margie Sneed-1907-m-  __________Allen (can't find his first name)
Spencer/Sheppard Sneed--1916
Corina Sneed-1905-m
1st Warren Perry
Florence Naomi Sneed-1918
Katie Sneed-1903-m
1st Josh Jeffries
                    2nd Charlie Bell Perry
*Henry (Buster) Sneed Jr abt. 1899 
Mary Aleitha Lee abt.1903
Minnie (Sneed) Brodie,   
*George Henry Sneed*,
Arthur Sneed-1910-m- 
 Vickie Perry
Mattie (Sneed)Williams, 
Annie Mae (Sneed) Blackwell 
Oliver Sneed-1911-m-
 Edna Earl Lewis Hockaday
Bettie (Sneed) Durham,
 James Sneed